Our Student Pilots

Alexander Ellerbee

Student Pilot

Alex was the first recipient of a Pilots With A Purpose training arrangement in conjunction with Cargill Aeronautical Academy. Alex rapidly advanced through his Private Pilot training and completed his check ride in January 2023. He immediately began working on his Instrument Rating.

In addition to his aviation training, Alex is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Penn State York. To help fund his education, Alex has worked for Rutters Farm Store and the Funtastic Skate and Snowboard Shop in York, PA.

Alexia Gonzalez-Soto

Student Pilot

Alexia is the most recent recipient of a PWAP award. Alexia resides in Camp Hill, speaks four languages, and graduated from Cedar Cliff High School at the end of her junior year with a 3.976 GPA.

Alexia is rapidly advancing toward her Private Pilot Certificate and has passed her written exam with a grade of 95%. Alexia desires to be a role model, saying she wants to “become a female minority pilot who another little girl could see at the airport and feel the same sense of power and influence that I felt, so that she could go forward with her goals.”

Alexia is helping to fund her aviation career through working at Trader Joe’s.