Dreaming of a career in aviation?

We educate and mentor young people to help those dreams—literally—take flight!

Pilots With A Purpose is dedicated to increasing minority and female participation in aviation careers. Achieving this goal will both address the growing shortages of pilots and crews in the United States and help eliminate cultural and ethnic disparities in the industry.

“Being a pilot is something that I have always wanted to do, yet it seemed so out of reach. Through the PWAP’s support and mentorship, I was able to continue my professional pilot journey and complete my instrument rating. Currently, I am working on building time for my commercial pilot license and plan to further my pilot career as a Certified Flight Instructor. Overall, my flight training experience has been superb and my dreams are coming to reality.”

Alex Ellerbee

PWAP Pilot in Training


Less than 6% of the U.S. pilot aviation work force are females.


Only 8% of U.S. aviation industry pilots are African American or Latino.

The shortage of airline pilots and crews is projected to grow to 4,500 by 2025.

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